Thanks to our continuous investment, we are pioneers and possess the latest technology in wood pallets fabrication. This generates an added value for our customers and gives us also an optimum business stability.

We are leaders in production, since we own five of the most modern automatic lines of our business segment, which produce over 2,500,000 pallets per year.

We are capable of performing a specific heat treatment that involves the sterilization of the wood through the application of heat and humidity control. This allows us to have absolute tranquility when exporting our pallets to the Asian, American and European markets, since it avoids the access and propagation of unwanted plagues. This treatment is clearly distinguished in our pallets with the alphanumeric code: ES – 46 – 0005 HT.


We own facilities over 70.000 m2 that allow us to make simultaneous load and unload transfers in over 50 trucks a day.

Besides, our location is strategic and exceptional, as our proximity to the Port of Valencia, the airport and the main road networks of our region, makes it possible for us to be very close to our customers at all times.

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“As the world changes, we must reinvent ourselves every day”

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