We like transparency, that’s why we always keep our clients informed about the species of our wood.

Besides, our Supply Policy ensures top quality and stable prices.


Pinus Pinaster, Pino halepensis, Insignis, Pinus Sylvestris, Pinus Nigra, Larix-Decidua, Abies-Alba, Picea Abies, Pseudotsuga menziesii y lawsoniana.


Solid Wood: Spain, France and Lithuania.

Composite Blocks: Spain, France and Germany.

(*) In accordance to the normative of EUTR and DDS of PEFC

Our supply policy

We have our own supply policy to ensure maximum quality of the wood, a stable price in the long term and a continuous supply of the raw material that we use in our production process:

  • We take part in the forest management of our providers, as we consider it a key provisioning policy.
  • We open up new provisioning venues day after day.
  • We apply phytosanitary criteria to our timber supplying.

Our Purchasing Organization stocks up in the main wood sourcing markets for packaging. Thanks to them, we achieve a great stability in the supplies which is unmatched and highly representative of the market price.

"We are very demanding with ourselves because you deserve it”

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