We are leaders because we have over 50 years of effort and dedication to the making of pallets. The high-level of expertise and delicacy we put into each product has made us the number one business in Spain and one of the most significant in Europe.


We have all the certifications that guarantee that our products will have the maximum quality.


We own facilities over 70.000 m2 that allow us to make simultaneous load and unload transfers in over 50 trucks a day.


Our wood purchases are certified with the PEFC, which guarantees that our wood is bought from certified sources and managed in a sustainable way.


Since our set-up in 1972, we’ve put all our effort and dedication into the production and commercialization of wood pallets.


We keep our clients informed about the species and origin of our wood. Also, our Supply Policy ensures top quality and stable prices.


Our customers are always nothing to worry about because we have the ability of offering them a safety stock, so they never have inventory problems.


Orientation towards the customer is our goal. That’s why we listen to them and our Department of Product Development analyzes their needs and designs an ideal product for each case.


We are at your service 360 days a year, so whatever happens you can count on us.


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